Our New Mascot

I’m so sad to write that after the end of last term, we said goodbye to our dear little dog, DJ. He was a very big part of piano lessons at my place, was very loved and loved everyone. My holidays started off very sadly and very empty.

Then… just to add insult to injury, my whole family had Covid for a week! Not plesant but we all got through ok.

Despite the down time, at the end of the school holidays, I happily took the chance to take in a new, tiny puppy – Coco. Coco has brought some cheer back into the home with her spirited and affectionate personality. She is smaller than a basketball but has a presence larger than life and we love her. So you can expect to have her greet you at the door when you come to lessons – and if she’s not asleep under the piano, she is more than happy to play!

Being stuck at home also gave me time to register some new students, welcoming: Kiyana, Elijah and Valentina, Pilone and Ananth as well as welcoming back Dreix from his overseas holiday.

Our piano teacher, Yoann Degioanni, has spent his holidays in France and Europe visiting family and, despite flight delays, had an amazing time! Check out this concert hall in Barcelona, Spain…..!!

Our guitar teacher, Sophie, enjoyed a well-deserved break from her primary school teaching duties. I’m really looking forward to having Evangeline and Alessandra play at our end of year recital – a first for Ivory Keys!

A new era… a new term… and time to choose recital pieces!

Wishing you all good health and wellbeing. See you soon. Kim 🙂


Easter Holidays!

Photo by Kulbir on Pexels.com

I love autumn so much. The days are cooler and allow more time in the garden as it becomes greener. We all feel relief from the heat and start to get out our favourite jumpers. But the days get darker more quickly too – my last students of the day need the porch light on as I say goodbye for the week.

Term 1 was pretty hectic with Covid-19 isolations and restrictions all over the place, causing absences from myself and my tutors as well as students. It was tiring for parents as they navigated schooling and tried to keep upbeat for their children when we all just needed a break from it all. Fortunately, Term 2 should bring that. Despite masks, schooling will once again include assemblies, excursions, parent participation and no need for for close-contact isolation. Yay!

Looking around the world, I’m always so grateful to be here in Perth. It’s been home all my life and kept me and my family safe. I love travelling but won’t be looking elsewhere at least until masks mandates are gone (hate them!!). We live in an amazing place but covid has taken its toll on us and I’m feeling it. I believe I’m juggling a few too many hats (fascinators preferably) and have decided to give one away. After Term 2, I will no longer be working at Swan Christian College.

I will miss my students at Swan but I look forward to focussing more on my own business – growing Ivory Keys Piano and Music Tuition. It’s only a small change but I feel it will make a big difference.

In the meantime… I wish everyone good health and a very, very happy Easter.


Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com

29th January 2022

Was lucky enough to see SIX awesome rock bands today. Firstly, started with Klon and Fauna from School of Rock – such great people with amazing talant, performing in searing heat for free in Mt Hawthorn. Special shout out, of course, to my son Jackson, so proud of you!

Secondly was a night at the Amplifier where Electric State were launching their Green Machine album, supported by Amberdown, Legs Electric and Satisfaction Guaranteed – some of the most incredible rock talant right here in Perth who really know how to throw a party!

Despite mask wearing, nothing could stop the energy, comradery or rocking out from the entire audience.

In times when we don’t know what’s coming next and some are struggling deeply and tragically, music is a constant reminder of the freedom and joy that resides within our spirit and our souls. It ignites us, reminds us and joins us together as friends and family. No one can take that away!

“I love it for what it makes me remember – and what it makes me forget”.